The history of Islam is truly a fascinating subject. At first glance, one immediately recognizes the impact that Muslim empires have had on the world. From scientific achievements and studies to the developments of languages, social sciences and religion, whatever subject a person turns to, they can find that Islam has left its blueprint, and ones that have stood the test of time. In many cases, these achievements were made by none other than the youth of the communities. We’re talking about kids in their teens, young men and women who matured very early on in their lives, who led on to becoming citadels of knowledge and leadership of the Ummah. 

Knowing this, it is safe to say that it is the youth who will be on the forefront of change and development.

In lieu of this, we are the Muslim Student Association of the University of Washington (MSA UW). The MSA UW is a student run organization that was established in 1968 and is inclusive of over 150 students.


The MSA is a national student run organization which seeks to serve Muslim students and represent Islam on North American Campuses. MSA-UW is a member of MSA Northwest–a coalition of MSAs from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and British Columbia.

MSA is all about building a brotherhood/sisterhood atmosphere right here on campus. Uniting for the sake of Allah in all our actions and strengthening our bonds of eman. Making everlasting friendships on campus by helping each other in those dire times of need. Reaching out to non-Muslims to spread cultural understanding.


MSA is an organization run by the students. From amongst those students an officer board is selected. The function of the officer board is to handle administrative tasks and to make it possible for MSA members to fulfill their ideas for events and activities. The executive board serves the members and facilitates their needs as they are the brain power, energy, and main body of the MSA.

One of UW's most active RSO

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Major Quarter Events

We have a major event each quarter as well as smaller events each week!

Large Community

Surrounded by a loving group of people!

Make new friends

Over 150 members including current students, alumni and community members!

Off-Campus Masjid

Join us for Jummah every week!

Islamic House

4625 22nd Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105

Interfaith Bonding

Encouraging understanding & unity

Faith Talks

Creating bonds with our brothers and sisters from different faiths

Annual Scholarships

Supporting our community as much as we can


Open to the year's current freshmen and juniors!

Experienced & Established

Since 1968

Long History

MSA has the experience and background to best serve our members and their needs