Asalamu alaikum wa rahmatu allahi wa barakatu!

Welcome to the 2015 Islam Awareness Week

May His peace and blessings be upon you!

 This is our biggest event for spring quarter and we’re so excited to announce that IAW will be hosted from April 27th - May 1st! Our goal is to raise awareness and remove as many misconceptions as possible about Islam through open dialogue and knowledge of Islamic principles. This year, the theme of IAW will be "The Muslim Next Door." There is so much in store this year for IAW-- from amazing speakers, to panels, and finally we’ll top it off with an amazing show for you all! We’ll be covering topics such as Islam in the Media, Women in Islam and being a Muslim American. Therefore, each lecture will be extremely engaging and we look forward to seeing you and your friends there! Below is the layout for each day during Islam Awareness Week:

Monday April 27th: Kick off with Fouzi Husaini on "Muslim Origins in America- Where did they come from?" Tuesday: Amina Al-Sadi, "The Muslim in the Media- A Day in the Life of a Muslim Journalist" Wednesday: UW Students, Faculty and Alumni, "A Mile in My Shoes- The American Muslim" Thursday: Tahera Ahmad, "Mighty Muslimah- Women in Islam" Friday: UW Student Talent presenting MUSLIMTAINMENT located in the HUB Monday-Thursday: Bagley 154 at 4:30 PM Friday: Hub Lyceum at 5:00 PM Please join us on a journey through "The Muslim Next Door" at this Islam Awareness Week 2015! We can't wait to see you all there!