The MSA is a national student run organization which seeks to serve Muslim students and represent Islam on North American Campuses. MSA is all about building a brotherhood/sisterhood atmosphere right here on campus. Uniting for the sake of Allah in all our actions and strengthening our bonds of eman.Read More
The Islamic House (IH) has been serving the needs of the Muslim community of the University of Washington and the surrounding areas since 1979! The IH has been a great blessing for the students, as it is a place where daily prayers, deen events such as Halaqas, Qur’an and Tajweed classes, social events and the likes are held.Read More

Upcoming Events

Weekly Events

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Islamic Class w/ Sheikh Qasim:
Tafsir of the Quran
Thompson 134
4:30 PM
General Meeting:

MEB 246
4:30 PM
Biz Meeting:
Please let one of the officers know
beforehand if you plan on attending.

SAV 138
5:30 PM
Jummah Prayer:
Islamic House
12:30 PM